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The Real Estate CRM is a customer relationship management solution that goes beyond customer management. Its customizable platform gives all your teams – including sales, marketing, services, and finance – a single working space with all the powerful tools to help attract more buyers and help close deals.

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Get instant multi-dimensional reports that integrate information to predict sales, detect anomalies, and get critical insights into metrics like sales trends, marketing campaigns, and team performance. With the report builder feature of our Real Estate CRM, you can automatically calculate individual commissions, track the performance of your sales team, and nurture leads, and monitor your ROI.

Get more done in less time with our CRM for Real Estate. Streamline your real estate business processes by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks based on your chosen parameters `{`or based on predetermined triggers`}`. From scheduling to follow-ups, you can automate your entire workflow using The Real Estate CRM.

Get automated marketing solutions for your real estate agency, including drip marketing campaigns, email marketing automation, marketing funnel automation, and more. Get the most from your marketing campaigns by leveraging data to run personalized campaigns and drive higher profits.

Make the most out of your work by integrating all platforms with the Real Estate CRM. Seamlessly integrate 3rd APIs with your real estate CRM for a smoother one-touch platform. You can easily integrate Twilio, Mailgun, Gmail, Sendgrid, and Zoom with The Real Estate CRM.

With the Real Estate CRM, capture leads and connect with your customers anywhere at any time. Get real-time notifications when they interact with your business. Streamline your lead nurture process and optimize every lead.

Design custom dashboards and functions according to your business. Make use of the customizable and straightforward user interface so you can mold your Real Estate CRM to fit your business.

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With The Real Estate CRM, I have access to everything and all the information about leads and customers in one place. It's great as everything is just a click away. Due to its functionality and features, it's used across our entire organization and acts as a database for our leads, customers, and clients.

The Real Estate CRM

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CRM Real Estate? Look no further than The Real Estate CRM! it has played an important role in standardizing our business as we have more than 20,000 active customers using our services. This CRM offers plenty of integration from Office to messaging, finance, marketing, and social media. For me, it's more than just customer management; it's a full package and a complete operational platform.

CRM Real Estate

What they’re saying

I switched from another CRM to The Real Estate CRM, and I couldn't be happier. It goes beyond customer management as I use it to track customers, leads, sales, and referrals on a single platform. This CRM for Real Estate companies is not only used by my sales team but also accounts and finance teams and has automated most of the processes.

CRM to The Real Estate CRM

A flexible and scalable feature-rich Real Estate CRM for companies of all sizes and shapes.

Curious about The Real Estate CRM or facing a problem with setup? Our highly-trained customer reps are always standing by, ready to help you get the most.

All in one complete CRM Real Estate software for any company with extra features and add-ons.

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    At The Real Estate CRM, we create powerful customer relationship management solutions to help Real Estate businesses maintain profitable relationships and grow. We aim to provide low-cost and highly customizable CRM for Real Estate agencies.