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The Real Estate CRM is a customer relationship management solution that goes beyond customer management. Its customizable platform gives all your teams – including sales, marketing, services, and finance – a single working space with all the powerful tools to help attract more buyers and help close deals.

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6 Real Estate CRM Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

In recent years, CRM or Customer Relationship Management in the Real Estate industry has evolved beyond just a tool for customer management. It offers benefits to everyone in a real estate company – from realtors to accountants and sales teams.

With the help of AI, machine learning, and IoT, CRM software is evolving in real-time and continues to offer more and more each day.

Here are some top Real Estate CRM trends to watch out for in 2021:

1. Integration of Voice UI with CRM

Voice technology is becoming quite popular in Real Estate CRM because of its accessibility and convenience. According to Adobe’s research into voice assistance technology:

Integration of Voice UI with CRM

Voice search makes it easier for realtors to track, update and notify all the teams about any change in the customer data.

2. Advanced Automation Using CRM

Real estate businesses are opting for CRMs with advanced automation features for their agencies. In 2021, we predict that CRM will help real estate businesses with complete automation of their business processes going beyond customer management.

For example, CRM is offering various tools to realtors like chatbots to communicate with clients automatically and workflow automation. With automation, real estate businesses can offer high-quality customer service with less operational costs.

3. High-Definition Access To Real-Time Data

Real estate agencies are using CRM that is supported by APIs to build a comprehensive view of their customers and property listings. The best real estate CRM not only helps automate business processes but also creates organized, high-quality data for sales.

According to LinkedIn’s Sales Report of 2020,

High-Definition Access To Real-Time Data

It shows that there is a direct link between high-quality data and high sales performance. Moreover, this is where a real estate CRM comes into the picture as it helps in maintaining clean, real-time data.

4. CRM Integration with IoT

From wearable technology like smartwatches to smart home devices like Google Home, IoT devices are expected to grow more than 64 billion worldwide by 2025. According to TechJury, more than 90% of the businesses have adopted IoT technology and it will continue to increase in the coming years.

Most real estate companies are integrating their CRM with IoT technology to capture data that can be used to improve customer experience and help get more clients. With IoT and CRM, companies will be able to monitor their clients and improve service in proactive ways.

5. Increased Personalization

Business-to-customer relationship has evolved a lot in the past 2 decades. Now, your customers expect you to predict their wants, their expectations, and needs. According to Salesforce, 84% of the customers say that the customer experience a company offers is as important as its services.

This is where real estate CRM comes in. CRM is the best way to stay commenced with your clients and offer them a personalized experience. Before a client comes to you looking for a property, you should know about their checklist and be prepared beforehand.

6. More Agile CRMs

Some of the most basic features that are offered by the best real estate CRM include contact management, task management and calendar, and lead management. Now, most realtors want advanced CRM features like sales automation, email marketing, reporting and analytics, and a central database.

These features are the reasons why CRMs will be getting more sophisticated with amazing tools that will surely make the life of real estate agents easier. Mike Richardson, managing director at Maximizer Software, says about sophistication in CRMs that:

More Agile CRMs

The Real Estate CRM Trends in 2021

If we had to summarize real estate CRM trends and predictions for 2021, it is that we will see more and more businesses will be using CRM to automate all their business processes and increase overall sales.

CRM helps automate workflows where possible and provides a central database for companies to make informed decisions and grab more close more deals. With the growing demand for CRMs, we can expect to see the best Real Estate CRMs offering AI and IoT integrations, Voice capabilities, acute personalization, and access to real-time data.

Which feature would you like to see in your CRM?

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