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The Real Estate CRM is a customer relationship management solution that goes beyond customer management. Its customizable platform gives all your teams – including sales, marketing, services, and finance – a single working space with all the powerful tools to help attract more buyers and help close deals.

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The Real Estate CRM is a powerful CRM solution specifically designed for Real Estate. Suitable for agencies of all sizes, the Real Estate CRM boasts an all-in-one, robust, and highly customizable software that will allow you to close more deals every day.
Manage your sales, marketing, and services from a single platform. Get your hands on insightful data in real-time to make intelligent business decisions. Use automation to nurture leads through every step of the customer relationship life cycle, and manage all your property listings and marketplaces on a single platform.
The Real Estate CRM offers features aimed to maximize the efficiency of your actions. It has everything you need to convert leads, retain customers, increase sales, and analyze performance.

Get real-time reports and never lose track of your real estate sales and performance metrics. Use customizable and interactive reports for smarter business decisions.

Streamline workflow to stay on top of activities and achieve maximum results in less time. Say goodbye to manual record-keeping, use automated workflows to perform tasks faster.

Track your tasks from beginning to end, assign and delegate tasks with ease, and collaborate with your team members on a single platform.

Plan your tasks and connect all your calendars to one platform to make sure you don’t miss any appointments.

Have complete control over your CRM and make sure the right people can access the right data by assigning user roles.

Streamline your lead nurturing process and track your key performance indicators to maximize every opportunity.

View property listings from your dashboard to see how they are performing on various sites to streamline your pitching process.

Connect with your customers across every channel: email, telephone, social media, and live chat.

Schedule your emails with special templates and follow-ups. Get notifications and email analytics for better insights.

Use the audit feature to help find potential flaws and deficiencies in internal processes and documentation.

Send the right messages and email to your leads and customers by streamlining your communications and send messages to multiple contacts with one click.

The Real Estate CRM facilitates the integration of a variety of third-party applications to boost your productivity.

Import and export data in various formats for record-keeping and make space on your cloud.

Conduct your business remotely with a secure in-built e-signature tool so you can sign your documents electronically and close deals faster.

Post instant notes and create link attachments for important information, including follow-up documentation and important activities.

Use the global search feature to query across multiple platforms at the same time by using search filters to access the relevant information in CRM quickly.

Use the quick editing tool to quickly add information or make forms within seconds and update data with the latest information.

View all information on one platform, including pending deals and more, through the search bar by applying filters.

Visualize your workflow, real estate deals, opportunities, and more on one platform to gain an overview of your whole workload.

Instantly add widgets to customize your dashboard and highlight data that is important for your real estate business.

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