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The Best APIs to Use with Your Real Estate CRM

The Real estate industry is rapidly changing as digitalization and technological innovation have changed the way consumers sell and buy properties. In this tech-smart world, online home-buying is becoming a norm and has picked up speed.

Now, real estate companies rely on APIs and integrate them into their CRM to supplement their property listings and get access to relevant property data from all over the world. Realtyna defines a real estate API as:

“A software tool that acts as an intermediary between an application and the data produced by another application. APIs package functions for retrieving this information, which allows for greater speed and agility with any related programming.”

Real Estate APIs are like digitals assistants used for retrieving data when needed, thus reducing the time and cost at your end. APIs are efficient and fast when it comes to collecting the right set of data for realtors. This is one of the main reasons behind their popularity, as currently, there are more than 200 real estate APIs in the market.

7 Best APIs to use with your Real Estate CRM

To make your life easier, we have tested more than 50+ real estate APIs and bring you 7 of the best ones in the market that you should definitely integrate with your CRM.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Estated API

Estated API

Number one on the list is Estated API, with over 140 million property listings, including both residential and commercial properties. It offers amazing market real estate data in one platform. It also provides sales data and deep inspection of the properties.

It can easily be integrated into your CRM, and the setup is only one-time. Another great thing about this real estate API is that it offers various payment plans with up to 100 free property records.

2. Realtors Property Resource API

Realtors Property Resource API is another great resource pool that you need in your real estate CRM. It offers a pool of over 130 million property records, including information like public reports, deeds, and stand-alone mortgage records. It uses two search methods:

  • GetProperties gives broader search results about a specific area and various properties in it.
  • GetPropertyDetails gives certain data about a property, like the structure of the building.

3. Google Maps API

Google Maps

We all know how Google Maps has evolved over the years, and now you can even integrate the Google Maps API in your real estate CRM to get the best results. Google Maps API allows users to track the exact location of a real estate property and also view it in 3D.

What’s best about this API is that it can be used both on the web and mobile applications. Therefore, it makes a great choice for realtors that are always on the move. It is, however, a little expensive, costing around $200 per month.

For the best performance, you can integrate the following APIs:

4. Urban Geo Data API

Urban Geo Data API is a commercial real estate API that provides information about various aspects of a real estate property. It includes population density, demographics, availability of schools, hospitals, and education centers, environmental pollution, and also crime statistics.

So, with Urban Geo Data API integrated into your CRM, you don’t have to create false stories or shuffle around apps to tell your clients about the property and area, as all the information you need is within reach.

Another great thing about this API is that you get over 2.5 thousand requests per month free of charge.

5. WalkScore

WalkScore is another feature-rich API that can be used both on the web and mobile apps. With WalkScore, you can assess every aspect of the property including neighborhood,  facilities (shops, schools, hospital), and more. You can even calculate the distance and time needed to travel from home to work.

Due to these amazing features, it works as a great tool for real estate agents that deal with commercial and residential properties and also for companies that act as an intermediary body between the landlords and tenants.  You can get access to all the information like transportation routes, infrastructure details, and even criminal rates in the area.

6. ATTOM Property API

ATTOM Property API has real estate data of over 155 million US properties in every state. This real-time data can be fully integrated into your real estate CRM, offering real estate agents access to enormous data at their fingertips. Its nationwide database allows real estate agents to view properties at the national and state-specific levels.

It also shows important data regarding properties like sales history, sales trends in the market, availability of schools, hospitals, and more. It even gives the mortgage details, ownership information, and footage associated with the properties.

7. CompStack API

CompStack API is a Commercial Real Estate API that does exactly as the name suggests: offers amazing insight into commercial and business real estate properties. With CompStack API integrated into your real estate CRM, you can track performance across markets and get property insights into any existing property.

It also allows realtors to get important data, including the rent of the property, square footage, number of floors, amenities like swimming pool, gym, and more. You can also get specific data for your clients, like distance to the closest hospital, school, or subway from the building.

Use Real Estate APIs to Increase the Effectiveness of Your CRM

These are some of the best real estate APIs in the market that you can greatly benefit from by integrating them with your CRM. You will find hundreds of real estate APIs online, but we suggest you stick to the list of 7 leading APIs and then choose the best one for your real estate company.

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